Better Managed
Better Care
Better Results.

We’re Renalliance, a boutique, third-generation healthcare provider helping dialysis centers nationwide improve their clinical and financial outcomes, by offering elite-level development, management, consulting and oversight services. From startup to fully-established, we’ve achieved a track record simply unmatched in the industry, allowing our clients to retain full ownership while reaping the clinical and financial rewards of a well-managed, compliant facility.

What We Offer
Operations / Administrative

We solve the challenges you face daily including:

  • Financial challenges and productivity
  • Patient safety and satisfaction
  • Regulatory standards
  • Staff recruitment and retainment
  • Development and implementation of policy and procedure


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Revenue Management

Stuck constantly chasing after outstanding claims?

Unpredictable cash flow?

Underperforming financials?

  • 96% collection rate in 34 days
  • Complete revenue cycle management
  • Claims processed in-house
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Development & Startup

Ready to take the next step and create a center of excellence?

  • Strategic planning/analysis of existing market
  • Project management
  • Navigating the regulatory and licensure process to get you started
  • Pragmatic approach to innovative efficient facility design
  • Step by step support through each phase.
  • Ensure a successful survey first time, every time
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Quality Assurance

QAPI program unclear?

Inefficient performance management program?

Plagued by chronic medical errors?

  • Develop and maintain site-specific QAPI program
  • Ongoing audits and analysis
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual complete facility benchmarking
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Survey Preparedness

Need to develop/implement post-CMS survey corrective actions?

Does your staff know how to respond when surveyors walk in?

Do you audit the most common deficiencies cited?

  • CMS Post-Survey Support
  • Risk mitigation strategy development
  • Survey readiness training
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We offer expert guidance through superior training, targeted education, and day-to-day compliance support.

  • Identify opportunities for cost reduction and revenue enhancement
  • Site-specific emergency and disaster preparedness policy development
  • Data audits and analysis to identify organizational vulnerabilities and establish goals, creating productivity initiatives and improving facility efficiency
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Dialysis Unchained


We possess a wealth of knowledge gleaned from years of operating our own facilities, and apply that knowledge to help dialysis centers navigate numerous day-to-day complexities and achieve long-term goals. And as a boutique company, we’re able to provide you with hands-on, personalized attention, and solutions tailored to fit your facility’s needs – an approach the results of which speak for themselves. Stop being bogged down by administrative and clinical headaches, and experience dialysis unchained.

Privileged To Work With
It was a number of years ago that I made the decision to engage Miles and Raizy at Renalliance Group, and the added value that their team has brought my dialysis center has paid off many times over. From complete compliance auditing and oversight, to perfect staffing, inventory and revenue cycle management, Renalliance Group gives me piece of mind while ensuring that my dialysis center is operating at peak performance and ready to service my patients.
Joel Edelstein - CEO
Brooklyn United Renal Care takes this opportunity to thank the management staff of Renalliance group for guiding us through a deficiency free survey; your guidance was a key to our success. Also, your commitment, dedication and clinical expertise have been vital to the quality of dialysis care provided to our patients.
Sandra D. Pitterson-Cohen - CFO
Renalliance Group is a team of highly professional, educated and experienced who are dedicated to helping their dialysis clients achieve success. From the kick off of our project through ongoing management oversight they don’t miss a beat and have the right solutions to anything that might be thrown their way. We attribute our financial health to their expert team of effective revenue management.
Nathan Brachfeld - CEO
The Queens-Long Island Renal Institute, Inc., is a proud partner with the Renalliance Group. QLIRI has been working with Renalliance group for several years, with regard to billing and bio-tech support. We find the Alliance team to be very responsive to our day-to-day needs.
Michael N. Rosenblut - CEO
Renalliance group is an indispensable part of the dialysis programs in our skilled nursing homes. They understand the needs of not just our dialysis centers but the complexities of a nursing home dialysis program. From development to operations, they apply their skills and experience to compliance and financial performance as is evident by our CMS surveys. They remain dedicated to monitoring our nursing home dialysis census and admissions. We have been with Miles and his team since the beginning and continue to grow together.
Alex Solovey - Owner
I have been so impressed with the services of Renalliance group that I continued to call on their expertise even after changing organizations. I have found Renalliance Group’s services to be invaluable when developing a dialysis project! They handle it all from Regulatory applications to working with architectural/design and project management, policies and staffing. Their expertise, professionalism, and customer service are top notch.
Mathew Varghese
It’s been a pleasure working with the Renalliance team. I am able to reach any of the team members quickly with any questions or concerns. We apricate their robust QAPI tool and their active participation in our meetings. I am extremely satisfied with their response time, courtesy, and attention to detail.
Tina Henshaw - Clinic Manager
I have worked with Renalliance Group for over five years. Miles and his team are always up-to-date with the latest CMS regulations, ensuring our unit is in compliance. They are a multifaceted team that provides guidance with both staff and patient education, Quality Assessment monthly meetings, and are always reliable to provide support when needed. Thank you Renalliance group for a great partnership!
Sarah Zlotnick - Clinic Manager
The team at Renalliance is very involved and responsive to our operation. They always keep us in the loop of regulatory changes in this this everchanging environment. Their ongoing audits and education assist me in keeping my unit in compliance and provide optimal care. Their team building skills encourage low call outs and promote a great work environment for our staff. I appreciate their 24/7 availability and responsiveness to our needs. They have a knack to identify an issue before it happens.
Elvis Dias - Nurse Manager
Want to hear from one of our many satisfied clients? Contact us and we’ll put you in touch.